Center for Behavioural Medicine was founded in 2004 as a registered non-profit scientific organization committed to health promotion through furtherance of interdisciplinary research and services.

The goal of Universal Health Coverage is to ensure accessibility to affordable high quality health care, which remains a major socio-economic-techno-cultural challenge. While the expectation of reforming the socio-economic dimension lies largely with the politico-cultural system of the society, health professionals need to revisit basic fundamentals of clinical tools and processes, and adopt technologies to transform their practice to contribute to the cause of Universal Health.

Technology Promotion for supporting basic and applied research and translation into service forms an integral part of Center’s agenda: it includes scalable Health Grid, Ambulatory Devices and tools for analytics. Scientific exploration of traditional wisdom pertaining to health and well being, especially non-pharmacological as exemplified by Yoga, also occupies important place on Center’s agenda. The vision is to look beyond the traditional ‘hospital-lab-medicines’ paradigm, both in terms of economics/scalability and addressing the challenge of changing illness profile and provision of Positive Health.

The Center has built strong network of collaborators in academic institutes and industry, has formulated training programs to address dearth of training opportunity in these domains, and works to foster development of healthier policies and practices, and culture of cooperation and collaboration.

Internation Symposium On Neuroscience of Yoga
From Yoga For Health to Yoga for Wisdom

17 Jan 2016
Marathi Bhasha Bhavan, University of Mumbai Campus,
Vidyanagari Campus, Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai 400098

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