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Training Course for Yoga Teachers – Neuroscience of Yoga


Center for Behavioural Medicine (CBM), Pune was founded in 2004 as a registered non-profit scientific organization committed to health promotion through furtherance of interdisciplinary research, training and services.


CBM in association with Yoga Forum, Munich initiated “Indo-German collaborative project on Neuroscience of Yoga” in 2005 with participation of medical research institutes in India and Germany. In addition to path breaking research on differential modulation of ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) through yoga, several residential training workshops were conducted with support from Munich Open University (MVHS) to impart relevant medical and neuroscience training to experienced Yoga teachers from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


CBM has planned to start training for the benefit of Indian Yoga Teachers and the First Course is scheduled to start from the International Yoga Day 21 June 2015.


The 6-month duration 100 Hour Certificate Course will have contact hours* twice a month, and a conference once a month (on Sundays), each session for 2 hours. In addition, there will be practical course work /project work, and an End-of-course workshop (preferably residential). Course faculty will consist of experts from India and Germany (medical and yoga). Enrolment is open for Yoga teachers with experience of 2 years or more.


The Course, that follows Patanjali’s Yogasutra, will equip participants with

  • Developing understanding of fundamentals of neuroscience of yoga – regulation of brain processes and other physiological processes through different asanas and other yoga angas.
  • Practical skills in application of basic and advanced medical assessment techniques most relevant to ashtang yoga for safe and effective application of yoga to improve physiological regulation for health promotion and therapy (includes assessment of Autonomic Nervous System, which is the main regulatory brain-body link affected in various common major disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain and stress/neuropsychiatric disorders, etc.).
  • Consolidation of conceptual understanding through review of key yoga sutras.
  • Refinement of yoga technique – focus of the workshop.


*Contact hours in Mumbai will be once in about 6 weeks, each session of about 6 hours.


Course fee: Rs. Ten thousand only (includes the workshop fee, lodging & boarding charges during workshop separate as per actual expenditure)


Course Co-ordinator in Pune: Shri Uday Pendse

Course Co-ordinator in Mumbai: Dr. Veena Londhe


Dr. Sanjay Phadke, MD, DPM

Neuroscience Fellow (Germany)

Managing Trustee



Training Course for Yoga Teachers – Neuroscience of Yoga


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  • Course fee payment: Please make the cheque/dd favouring “Center for Behavioural Medicine”.
  • Course venue: CBM’s Clinical Office, G-01 AJ Arcade, DP Road, Opp. Ashish Garden, Kothrud, Pune 411038.
  • End of course workshop venue: to be decided later.