City Health Digital Transformation (CHDT)

City Health Digital Transformation (CHDT):  the smart solution to attain the goal of Universal Health Coverage in ‘Smart Cities of India’.

Imagine a city where every citizen has lifetime e-health record, where doctors have intelligent clinic software guiding them about quality treatments, where clinics, labs and medical shops are connected so you don’t have to run around, where you get ePrescription on your mobile phone, and timely reminder of your children’s immunization and your parent’s follow up visit to their doctors, where specialist consultation is accessible to people living in periphery, where affordable homecare is available and patients are monitored remotely through web connected medical devices, where you get health tips and reminders from your doctor on mobile phone in your mother tongue, where doctors make case registries and do clinical research to improve outcomes, where accurate data are available to city administration for health policy making, monitoring effective implementation of health initiatives, and real-time surveillance for rapid response to emerging public health challenges including disaster like situations.

Clearly there is a strong case for ushering in City Health Digital Transformation (CHDT): no city can claim to be ‘smart’ without it! The Health Grid will be the single platform securely connecting all stakeholders and delivering total healthcare functionality.

Center For Behavioural Medicine, a non-profit scientific organization, has catalyzed development of Ultra-Low-Cost Scalable Sophisticated Health Grid technology. Using this Medical Associations are doing countrywide distribution of clinic software, and strong technological base exists for making the Health Grid a reality.